Electronic Medical Records: Friend or Foe?

As a nurse and nurse practitioner for over 19 years, I have seen many different forms of charting. My daughter graduated with her BSN in 2010 and was surprised to find there are still hospitals using paper charting. It was as difficult for her to adapt to paper charting as it was for us “oldies” to adapt to electronic medical records (EMR). Read More...

How effective is Demonstrative Evidence?

It has been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If I said someone lost 10 pounds of fat, you might think that is impressive.

What if could show you what 10 pounds of fat looks like?


What is this thing you call a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Hopefully you have at least one Legal Nurse Consultant contact. If you do, it is easy for him/her to get the ball rolling while you relax in the Mediterranean. You can feel confident that at the very least the records will be complete, organized, tabbed, and paginated when you return. You will have a nice narrative to know the meat of the case, and if it even has merit. You will even have a glossary of terms and abbreviations. How easy is that? Read More...