Time for a Paradigm Shift

Paradigm - a typical example or pattern of something; a model

I recently had an injury to my right hand, my dominant hand. The event was quite humdrum so I’ll spare you the details. However, I learned a great deal about being temporarily left-handed. First, it is a right-handed world. From using scissors (who knew you need left-handed scissors) to needing to sit on the end of the table when you eat, it is an issue that affects most activities of daily living. For the most part, I am able to function, although it takes longer and I constantly struggle with this user-unfriendly right-handed world as my hand heals. This resulted in a major shift in paradigm for me regarding the challenges of being left-handed. I never thought about doing things differently.

Is this how an attorney feels when presented with a thousand plus pages or multiple disks of medical records? Especially challenging can be electronic medical records. While very convenient (right-handed) to the facility and providers in caring for a patient, it is not so user-friendly (left-handed) for non-medical people to interpret. Pages of repetitive information can add time sifting through the records to find the meat of the matter for proving or disproving medical related cases.

Is it time for a shift in paradigm for attorneys and their highly qualified paralegals? Sure, it can be done the way it has always been done. What would happen if the attorney tried something new? An Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant can hone in on the pertinent facts of the case and then provide an easy to understand document, or verbal report. This saves time. An Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant can determine if there was a duty, breach of duty, injury, and causation. How helpful would a timeline of events be to a case? Demonstrative evidence of the facts to illustrate merit or a lack thereof can be essential to the outcome of a case.

An Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant offers many services. It is not a one size fits all process. Are you ready for a new paradigm?
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